Parish Hall Rental Information


Maximum Occupancy is 84 seated OR 180 standing.


Basic UsageWith Kitchen Usage
4 hours or less$60.00$100.00
More than 4 hours$100.00$160.00

Minimum Requirements   

  • Prior to the event, the Renter must submit a 24 hour liability insurance policy that covers the date of their event.
  • Renters cannot charge a fee to those attending their event. However, donations may be accepted.
  • No smoking is allowed in the facility
  • No alcohol without written permission of St. Thomas and the required legal permit.
  • TV is available for use with a Powerpoint presentation or to view a DVD.
  • No group in conflict with the basic purposes of the Church will be approved.
  • For a full list of requirements and use restrictions, please call the church office (928-634-8593)