Parish Hall Rental Information


Maximum Occupancy is 84 seated OR 180 standing.

        The people of St. Thomas are grateful for the opportunity to accommodate you and your event at our Parish Hall. There is an increase in cost for us when our facilities are used beyond the hours of our regularly scheduled programs, classes and gatherings. However, as a non-profit religious organization, and in our continued efforts to best serve our friends and neighbors in our community, we do not charge any fees for the use of our facilities. Therefore, we only accept donations from those who use our facilities. These donations help us to offset the added costs. Donations are not mandatory for the use of our building. Any and all donation amounts are thoughtfully determined by you and graciously accepted with thanks from us.

Minimum Requirements   

  • Prior to the event, the Renter must submit a 24 hour liability insurance policy that covers the date of their event.
  • Renters cannot charge a fee to those attending their event. However, donations may be accepted.
  • No smoking is allowed in the facility
  • No alcohol without written permission of St. Thomas and the required legal permit.
  • TV is available for use with a Powerpoint presentation or to view a DVD.
  • No group in conflict with the basic purposes of the Church will be approved.
  • For a full list of requirements and use restrictions, please call the church office (928-634-8593)